My Nightclub Landlady - Chapter 273

Chapter 273: 273


Hearing Xiaowen's words, Qin Feng was silent. he repeatedly thought of those words of Sister Hua, and then contrast Xiaowen's analysis. Perhaps it was really like that. Just let those that couldn't be possessed fly.


Qin Feng sighed and raised his cup. "Come on, drink."

Xiaowen drank up the beer, smiled and said, "Why do you sigh?Is this guy you?"

"No, not me. Just a friend. I feel bad for him."

Qin Feng hurriedly waved his hand. He did not want to admit his embarrassment in front of women.

"Oh, oh. That's good. In fact, he just needs to take this kind of things lighter. There are plenty of fish in the sea. He shouldn't abandon the whole forest for a small sapling. In fact, looking back, there may be better things waiting for him."

Xiaowen said.

"Well, yes, indeed."

Qin Feng nodded, smiled and said, "I didn't think it would be very rewarding to chat with a little girl like you. Thank you."

"You are welcome. It's just empty talk. I've never been in love myself. I've heard my roommates and best friends vent a lot with me, so I get it."

Xiaowen's classmates were almost always with men. They were quite talkative. One roommate could even change boyfriends at the frequency of one per week. What's more, their eyes were on those famous people in society who were celebrities, and what's even more outrageous is that, some were willing to be the big boss's mistress. As long as they could get a big house or no limit credit cards.

"Ha-ha, you're their place to talk when they're sad."

Qin Feng said, "But you are also a special flower. You do not feel the happiness of love, but quietly looking at other people walking together hand in hand, do not envy it?"

"Yes, I do. How can I not be jealous?"

Xiaowen said, "It's just, because I have a person I like in mind. I have had one. I have been waiting and thought that if I could not get together with him before graduating from college, it meant he and I are no fate."

"Have you got him now?"

Qin Feng asked anxiously, "I wonder what the man you are waiting for will look like. He must be excellent, isn't he?"

"Yes, yes, of course."

Xiaowen looked up and down at Qin Feng and said, "Uh-huh, really excellent."

Qin Feng was speechless for a while, "Well, I wish you happiness."

Since she wanted to sing, Xiaowen didn't plan to stay on Haidilao Restaurant any longer. She really wanted to see Qin Feng in more aspects, and she felt excited to sing good songs with him in a box.

After a while, Xiaowen patted the full belly, and said, "You see, I am stuffed."

"Ha-ha, how much have you eaten? Here, eat these slices of meat."

Qin Feng used a leaky spoon to fish up some cooked beef rolls for Xiaowen. "Eat more. Look at your skinny body. It's all skin and bones."

"Let me be thin. We dancers can't be fat. Don't you guys like bony women, too?"

Xiaowen smiled.

"Anyway, I like girls with a little bit flesh. That feels healthier. If it's too thin, it will not be plump enough"

Qin Feng described it seriously.

"Ha-ha, I didn't expect you to be a leprechaun, too."

"No, it's appreciation, all right?"

Qin Feng hummed, "Hey, I'm full, too."

Why don't we go now? Sing."

"Yes, yes."

Talking for so long, they a little do not know what to say. Changing the scene, singing songs, may completely open the chatter box.


A day of decoration, was finally finished.

Sister Hua was dressed in camouflage. In the morning, she was also clean, but she had been so busy that now she had been dirty and unsightly. The drop of paint on the clothes alone was innumerable.

She sat wearily on the steps of the hall, sipping lemonade, when se

veral workers who had finished packing their tools came up. "Sister Hua, all three compartments on the second floor are finished today. When the custom-made door arrives, we are ready to install it. Can we go back?"

"Uh-huh, thank you very much. I just called the western stall to order a late night supper, so you can just go and eat. I'll share the bill. You've been having a hard time these days. Have a drink to relieve your weariness. You're welcome."

Xiao Jinhua was busy getting up, and gave them each a box of cigarettes. This was the standard arrangement for working for Sister Hua. The salary was paid to them, and they could receive the cigarettes, beer and meals every day.

These more than a dozen workers were old people in the Jinyuan Decoration industry. They each had long known Sister Hua. Over the years, they had come for help in any repair work if Free Man Bar needed.

The contractor looked very excited and wanted to have a chat with Sister Hua. "You all go out first, and wait for me."

"What's the matter?"

After the people went out, Sister Hua said, "If you have any request, do not hesitate to mention."

The contractor sipped his dry lower lip, lit a cigarette, and said, "Sister Hua, you are so tired every day that you use yourself as a workman. You look tired, and you don't look good. If you don't trust us, have one of your men keep an eye on us.

I am serious. As for my work, why don't you worry about it?

It's not like we've known each other for a day or two. Look at you. Why do you bother to do it?"

After hearing this, Sister Hua said with a smile, "I thought you were asking for a raise. Nothing, that I am idle at home is idle. I come to the shop to act as assistant for you. It's fulfilling, and it's also quite good. I am not tired indeed, but I have a lot of problems that I do not understand and afraid to add to your confusion. Free Man Bar is now my own, so when I decorate it, I will dress it up like my own children. I want to do it personally, to make it more humanized, and more warm. You know what I'm thinking, don't you? I just want to jump on it with all my heart."

"Oh, oh. You know what? All right."

Old Lu laughed and said, "But you also don't get too tired. If you run off your legs because of decorating the bar, that's the loss outweighs the gain. Okay, let's go ahead? Why don't you join us? My treat."

Sister Hua hurriedly waved, "I will not go, I have just eaten, Xiao Liang they have bought meat dumplings."

"Oh, that's fine."

Lao Lu didn't say anything more. "I'll go first. See you tomorrow."

The Free Man that belonged to one person was messy to the extreme. This might be the most desperate time of Free Man Bar since its creation. The whole hall was dilapidated, and the plan was to install it from the top to the bottom. First from the fourth floor, then to the third floor, and now the second floor was almost finished. Finally, it was the first floor hall, which was also the core of the Free Man Bar.

The lights were dim and she could just see the road full of obstacles. Sister Hua was too lazy to open it. She took out a bottle of red wine from the wine cabinet, poured it into a goblet, and shook it gently, looking at the empty dance floor, the catwalk, the cardboard seats around, and the VIP boxes outside. In a flash, she remembered the splendor of a few months ago, when the Free Man every day at this point began to go up, slowly lively up, right?

Qin Feng would go to the front of the bar at this time every day to greet the guests himself. When he saw regular customers, he would go over to greet and joke with them, and when chatting, he would send fruit pans and beer. Every time he broke the rules, and the hall manager was very displeased. However, the guests taken care by Qin Feng would often order the most expensive dishes, the most beautiful bees, making much more money than "care" of those.

It was also at that time that Sister Hua began to really notice Qin Feng. His ability was demonstrated here. They would eat together, drink together, sing together, chat together, and play games with their employees. That time is the freest, the most sunshine moment, regardless of performance, passenger flow. They were just happy and ideal and gathered together. Every day they were particularly motivated, and had very pure thinking, which was to let the Free Man Bar become better.

A series of events completely changed the life trajectory of Sister Hua, Qin Feng again and again for her, incessantly provoking the Tianhe's strong bosses. Although Qin Feng had not suffered any losses, this situation could not last long, after all.

It was accidental and inevitable that Free Man rose and fell and come to the end how they were today.

"Alas. I don't know if Qin Feng is having a good time in Beijing right now."

Sister Hua said to herself, "This time I think I hurt him to the core. He must have been desperate when he left the letter.

I don't know what kind of task he is going to carry out. Should he have finished it for a long time? I don't know if he hurt. Ugh, Qin Feng can't be hurt. He's so good. He is the commander of the military region's proudest special operations. He must be invincible and ever-victorious."

Sister Hua was sipping red wine. It was smoky, and she was silent in the night. It was quiet but terrible around. Sister Hua who was once extremely afraid of the darkness, after several years in the evening, overcame it.

She liked this kind of environment where she could calm down, and think about the matter alone.

During the day, she did not dare to think, afraid that others see her tears.

To this end, she tried to put on dirty camouflage clothes to help the decoration master work, piecemeal, everything. She was to keep herself busy, and had nothing to think about.

When she stayed up until dark, it was really her time. She would sit here alone, watching around, thinking about the past.

There were good, and there were bad, but the most she thought of was Qin Feng.

Sister Hua knew that after missing Qin Feng, she might never meet such a good man again in her life, but the choice to avoid was the choice she had to make.

To make Qin Feng accomplished should be Xiao He's greatest last wish, right?

She believed that her younger brother also did not want her to be able to restrain the Chinese most intrepid special combat personnel in the side, and from then on make him become without the fighting spirit, and his heart did not have the country.

In that case, Sister Hua would become the nation's sinner.

Even at the expense of her tears and miss, she also had to be strong, humble, and henceforth learned to walk alone, live alone to restore the life before she knew Qin Feng.


After leaving the hospital, Zhu Fei was very upset and didn't want to go home. She knew that when she got home, her father would definitely ask questions. If he didn't know the truth, he would definitely say that she was wrong. Then he would call Zhou Liang. Zhu Fei didn't want to see such a picture and she chose to escape.

She called her best friend, He Yuan, who sang at Happy Hour and had several friends with her. For a long time, Zhu Fei had blocked her life because she was afraid to meet the people like Jia Dapeng again through her.

And tonight, she just wanted to vent, and singing and drinking was the best way.

She got in a cab and ran straight to Happy Hour.

And the place where Qin Feng and Jiang Xiaowen ordered was also there.
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