Hedonist Sovereign - Chapter 483

Chapter 483

Chapter 483 – Deliberately Sleeping

Although half an hour wasn’t long, what had he done?

This was the first time Lin Bei Bei had met such a brave man. She felt as if her body was going to fall apart! She quietly laid in Qin Feng’s embrace, feeling a bit shy. Lin Bei Bei had been too proactive just now, and now that she thought about it, she was shocked by her wildness. Would Qin Feng not like this kind of behavior? What if he felt like he was being frivolous?

Lin Bei Bei fell in love with Qin Feng and became anxious. She had to think over every detail carefully and do her best to make Qin Feng satisfied. But as she thought about it, Lin Bei Bei’s eyes lit up. She suddenly thought of something else, and began to suspect that the pill Qin Feng gave her seemed to have some sort of aphrodisiac on it.

“Qin Feng, you …” Actually, there’s no need for that! ” Lin Bei Bei buried her head in Qin Feng’s embrace and said with a red face.

Qin Feng was slightly surprised: “No need for that?” Shouldn’t I have touched you? ” Qin Feng’s heart tightened. Could it be that Lin Bei Bei wasn’t ready to give him his body?

“That’s not what I meant!” Lin Bei Bei was afraid that Qin Feng would misunderstand, so she suddenly became nervous: “Aiya!” You’re dead, and you know it well enough that you’re not willing to admit it. ”

Lin Bei Bei was more certain that Qin Feng drugged her because why did Qin Feng strip her clothes off when he was treating her? Qin Feng had been kissing his place and waiting for him to wake up, so he pretended to be asleep. Now he was even playing dumb and confused. Lin Bei Bei was so embarrassed that she was about to die from embarrassment.

“What do I know? I don’t know! ” Qin Feng became even more confused: “Bei Bei, just say it directly if you have something to say. We’re no longer outsiders!”

Lin Bei Bei unhappily glared at Qin Feng. She thought to herself: “If you can’t even say something like that, how can I, a girl, say it?” Seeing that Qin Feng didn’t want to admit it, Lin Bei Bei didn’t want to pursue the matter anymore. Lin Bei Bei didn’t mind Qin Feng doing this, so she thought Qin Feng wanted to change the topic.

“Qin Feng, where’s my mother?” Lin Bei Bei changed the topic.

“Auntie went out for a walk. I told her that you would wake up after the walk. Aunt will definitely be excited to death later!” Qin Feng smiled.

Lin Bei Bei was also very happy in her heart. She knew that during this period of time, her mother worked very hard every day. Otherwise, it would be embarrassing if Mom saw it! ” Lin Bei Bei was a good and obedient woman. Now that she was Qin Feng’s woman, she followed Qin Feng’s every order. She had to listen to Qin Feng’s instructions even if she wasn’t wearing any clothes.

“You’re sick. Lie down for a while longer, I’ll help you put it on!” Qin Feng really liked Lin Bei Bei’s good behavior and was considerate enough to help her get dressed.

Lin Bei Bei didn’t refuse. When she put on her pants, Lin Bei Bei opened her legs and saw that Qin Feng’s gaze was starting to randomly stare. She was so embarrassed that she didn’t know what to do while covering her face.

Qin Feng didn’t make things difficult for Lin Bei Bei. He quickly helped her get dressed, then sat on the bed and hugged Lin Bei Bei as he told her everything that had happened in the past few months. Qin Feng didn’t hide anything from Lin Bei Bei.

Ka-cha! *

At this time, Mother Lin had just returned from her walk. As soon as she entered the room, her gaze fell u

pon the bed!

“Mom… “You’re back!” Seeing her mother, Lin Bei Bei excitedly got off the bed.

Mother Lin was stunned on the spot as she stared dumbly at her slim and graceful daughter. She felt as if they had been separated from each other for a lifetime. Tears immediately gushed out like a surging tide.

“Bebe …” “My good Bebe, you’re finally awake. You’re really awake!” Mother Lin pulled Lin Bei Bei into her embrace, and the mother and daughter both cried loudly.

“Mom, it’s been hard on you.” Lin Bei Bei cutely wiped the tears from her mother’s eyes.
Mother Lin’s eyes filled with tears of joy. She smiled and said: “Silly girl, why are you thanking mother? We are a family, and there is Qin Feng. It’s all thanks to him this time that you can wake up. Mother really likes Qin Feng. I think from now on, just thank him!”

Together, let’s live a good life! ”

Lin Bei Bei shyly nodded her head.

“Du …” “Congratulations to host Qin Feng for completing the Blood Qi Pill and waking Lin Bei Bei. The system rewards you with 1,000 Hedonist Points.”

The host has a total of 12260 Hedonist Points!

… ….

The system’s notification rang out in Qin Feng’s head. He walked over to the Lin mother and daughter: “Auntie, Bei Bei, you two should reminisce about old times. I’ll be going out for a bit!”

“Ah?” Qin Feng, where are you going this late at night? ” Mother Lin looked at Qin Feng with surprise and nervousness. She didn’t think that he would leave right after waking Bei Bei. Could it be that he didn’t have any intentions towards Bei Bei?

“Qin Feng, you …” Why don’t you stay with me? ” Lin Bei Bei carefully grabbed Qin Feng’s hand and looked pitifully at him.

She had heard Qin Feng talk about the recent events and knew that Qin Feng had a lot of enemies who wanted to harm him. Lin Bei Bei was worried that Qin Feng was in a hurry to get revenge on the Chou family, but was worried about him and couldn’t bear to part with him.

Qin Feng was prepared to destroy the Sima family tonight, but when he saw Lin Bei Bei’s pitiful appearance, his heart softened. He hugged Lin Bei Bei and smiled: “Okay, how about I take you out to play?”

Lin Bei Bei has been lying in bed for five months. When she heard that she was going out to play, she excitedly jumped up: “Okay okay! Where are we going to play? ”

“Just follow me. Auntie, will you come along to play as well?” Qin Feng looked at Mother Lin and asked.

“Hehe!” “I’m not going to play along with you young couples. You guys go play; be careful outside!” Mother Lin rejected Qin Feng’s good intentions. When she saw the sweet and warm scene between Qin Feng and the woman, the worry in her heart instantly dissipated.

“Mom, do I have clothes in this ward?” Lin Bei Bei looked at her hospital gown. How could she go out shopping like this?Mother Lin smiled as she went to the wardrobe and brought out a beautiful qipao dress. It was a beautiful qipao embroidered with a lotus flower design, and Qin Feng recognized it immediately.

He had brought Lin Bei Bei to buy this from the Chanel store in the Thousand City Square.

“Ah!” I was going to wear this dress out, Mom, you know your daughter so well! ” Lin Bei Bei excitedly hugged her mother and took her dress to the bathroom to change into it.

Five minutes later, Lin Bei Bei walked out. She wore a tight pink dress, revealing her fresh and refined temperament. Qin Feng was enchanted. If Mother Lin wasn’t here, he would pounce on her again and bully her.

“Qin Feng, let’s go!” Lin Bei Bei saw Qin Feng’s burning gaze and thought of the crazy scene of the two. She blushed.

“Auntie, let’s go out to play!” Qin Feng naturally embraced Lin Bei Bei. Her lips curved into a smile: “Okay, okay, you guys go ahead. Bei Bei is so beautiful tonight. Qin Feng, you have to protect her!”
“Don’t worry, Aunty. If anyone dares to bully Bebe, I’ll make sure his clan is exterminated!”

Qin Feng and Lin Mu said their goodbyes. Mother Lin happily escorted the two of them out of the hospital. Qin Feng didn’t drive, and the two walked along the street holding hands. Lin Bei Bei just woke up, and taking a walk helped her quickly recover.

Under the night sky, Acropolis City was brightly lit, and the streets were bustling with people even busier than the day. Lin Bei Bei used to be envious of these couples, but she held Qin Feng’s arm tightly and didn’t know how sweet she was.

“Bebe, you should be hungry. I’ll take you to eat something, right?” Qin Feng looked dotingly at Lin Bei Bei.

“Great!” “You’re so rich, why don’t you treat me to something nice to eat!” Lin Bei Bei didn’t stand on ceremony with Qin Feng because she knew that she was Qin Feng’s woman.

“Royal Family”

“The clubhouse is Acropolis City’s number one clubhouse. With Bei Bei’s identity, you have to go to the Royal Clubhouse to spend some money. Actually, that place doesn’t even match up to your status!” Qin Feng spoke sweetly. Lin Bei Bei knew he was joking, but she was still very happy in her heart.

“Young Master Qin is right. Now that I’m Young Master Qin’s man, I’ll be under your wing and my status will be higher!” Lin Bei Bei was also joking.

Qin Feng really liked the cheerful and obedient Lin Bei Bei. He placed his hand on her chest and smiled evilly: “Since you’ve basked in this young master’s glory, then you have to put in some effort to pay for it. I think that when you go back tonight, you can wash yourself clean and properly serve this young master for the night!”

Lin Bei Bei blushed, but didn’t take Qin Feng’s hand away: “I can’t do it tonight. My body is in pain, how about tomorrow night!”

Seeing that Lin Bei Bei took him seriously, Qin Feng didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He hugged Lin Bei Bei even more tightly: “I’m just teasing you. You’ve just recovered from your illness, so you should take care of your illness. Even if you wanted it, I wouldn’t give it to you!”

“Damn it, you’re the one who wants it, I don’t want it!” Lin Bei Bei was acting like a spoiled child in Qin Feng’s arms.

Qin Feng smiled even more happily: “Then who was so active and wild in the ward …?” I think we need to record a video next time. Otherwise, some people won’t admit it afterwards. ”
Lin Bei Bei was infuriated. Qin Feng clearly drugged her and made her act like that, but he was too embarrassed to say it now. Lin Bei Bei slapped the hand that Qin Feng placed on her chest to stop him from touching it.

The two of them were like a sweet newlyweds as they chatted and laughed and came to the Royal Clubhouse.

Qin Feng stopped and raised his head to look at the grand building. Inwardly, he was filled with emotion: this place was the Qin family’s property three months ago, and now, he didn’t know who it belonged to. He came over just in time to ask around, and since he was back, it was time to reclaim his family’s property.

“Let’s go in!” Qin Feng returned to his senses and carried Lin Bei Bei into the lobby.

“Teacher, beauty, welcome!”

Once he entered, the beautiful hostess came to greet him. The old faces here had been replaced, but Qin Feng didn’t recognize any of the new guests. What made Qin Feng curious was that they didn’t seem to know him either.

Although the Acropolis City’s Qin family had declined and Qin Feng had disappeared for a long time, if it was someone who knew Qin Feng, they would definitely be surprised when they saw him.
“Open a private room, my woman and I will go take a rest!” The interior decorations and style of the Royal Clubhouse hadn’t changed. Qin Feng felt like he was going home.

“Alright! Please follow me! ”

The two of them walked through the hall under the lead of the beautiful woman. They went all the way to the private rooms. The private rooms were not completely sealed off but were separated by wooden sculptures. The environment was elegant and the class was high.

“Give me two steaks, two servings of mushroom soup, two servings of snacks, a plate of fruit salad and a bottle of red wine!” Qin Feng didn’t look at the menu and directly ordered: “Bei Bei, what else do you want to eat?”

Lin Bei Bei hadn’t eaten here before, nor would she order anything. She shyly shook her head:

“Whatever you order, I’ll eat!”

Qin Feng smiled and patted Lin Bei Bei’s head. He looked at the waiter and said: “Let’s do these first, we’ll order if there’s not enough!”

“Alright, please wait a moment!” The beautiful woman walked away. Qin Feng looked around casually. He used to come to the Royal Clubhouse often, but now he really did miss it.

As he looked, Qin Feng’s gaze suddenly turned cold. He saw two men and a beauty sitting in a private room opposite him, and Qin Feng recognized the three men. The two men were disciples of the Acropolis City’s small family, and Qin Feng used to flatter them when they saw them. As for the beauty, she was the reason why Qin Feng’s expression changed drastically.

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