AST 2248 – Winning People’s Hearts, Loyalty “You should have something that could increase the abilities of demonic beasts, right? If you place your faith in me, I can help you increase your powers by a lot. It’s fine if you don’t, we’ll still have many opportuni

AST 2249 – Spawning of the Black Ice Divine Worm Qing Shui was now the Palace Lord of the Divine Palace and would naturally wish for the loyalty of those within. If not loyalty towards him, then at least towards the Divine Palace itself. He didn’t wish to command the group of outstandin

Mike stared at the familiar form in his mind, his lips worked, trying to resist the urge to curse out loud. He suddenly understood why [System] had played the Gokuraku Jodo song, it was for money! All for money! There was no accident in its choice, this was a deliberate pit trap, a trap that was w

Dancing? Him? Moreover, to the Gokuraku Jodo? For a tone deaf Mike who was born with two left feet, well, let’s not talk about it at all. Still, he did his best to make a few twirls with Amy, but soon gave it up as a bad job  and settled down to watch Amy dance. A smile playing about hi

Chapter 106: Jing Family Conflict (1)     Jing family. Within a spacious and bright room, several valuable landscape paintings and calligraphy decorated the walls. The main hall of the house was decorated with antique furniture. On a mahogany tea table, a purple clay kettle displayed

Chapter 107: Jing Family Conflict (2) Upon hearing the mockery from the elder’s words, Jing Hao’s face showed a bit of change. He said, “He’s just a vile dog, he can’t do anything.” “Shut up!” Master Jing shouted angrily. “Are your eyes covered

Lin Rui, who suddenly stood up and threw the Flowing Flame Blade out did not look at the results but quickly turned back to face the front. But he was obviously late. Titter! The sound of a sharp blade piercing the skin and the muscles came from Lin Rui, Worm’s right hand has pierced Lin Rui

New York has a well-known urban dark area, Hell’s Kitchen in Manhattan and it is here that Matt lives. Because of historical reasons, most of the poor people live here and gangs of all sizes are also active here. The crime rate is very high in this area. Despite the expansion of Manhattan&rsq

I moved my mouth away, and then Mommy Vyvyan let out a breath of relief. She looked at the ceiling and spaced out. She appeared as though she was incredibly tired. I gently hugged her. I then gloomily looked at the wound on her neck. Perhaps her rapid healing was attributed to her dark elf genetics

I basically returned to my old status when I woke up the next day. Mommy Vyvyan had an abundance of mana, and it was very compatible with my body. My mana was derived from her, after all. I was ready to die the last two days. I struggled with the pain that I’d rather be relieved from during t

H.P.S.T Chapter 349: The Last Enemy Hearing Sirius, Harry was very surprised.  He had no idea that his father had dueled Gryffindor in the illusion. Although he had lost, this was still remarkable. The opponent was the mighty Gryffindor. Not any wizard had the qualification to challenge him,

H.P.S.T Chapter 350: Gryffindor’s Illusion It took a long time for Harry to recover. He told everyone about what he saw in the illusion and what happened in his home in Godric’s Hollow on the night of Voldemort’s fall thirteen years ago.  The atmosphere was solemn, and Evan

Lu Xi did not believe Lu Chen’s words at all. Because she knew very well how much debt the family had to repay, it would normally take a lifetime for their family to repay it, and she had to work very hard to make money. Except for a miracle or winning the lottery? Lu Xi never bought lottery

  PS Chapter 73 Gao He is a typical Shandong guy. His height is 1.95 meters. He is the main center of the Computing Department Basketball Team. He is straightforward and generous, and has a good temper and is easy to get along with. He looks a little mature, it can be said that he looks like

Chapter 0553: The Crazed Ning Cheng, Part 2 As Ning Cheng stepped closer one-step at a time, his killing intent soaring exponentially with each step. It reached to the point that the whirlpool-like Domain condensed by Yue Huangfu’s momentum started cracking under the suppression of Ning Cheng

Chapter 0554: Vengeance Must Be Served Qionghua left him with a kiss, filled with bitter and salty tears that stained the corners of his mouth. Nevertheless, what happened to Qionghua? Is Qionghua all right? Where is Qionghua? A cry resounded from the bottom of his heart, which Ning Cheng could no

Chapter 2118: Xiao Man’s Origins “Jian Chen, your comprehension of the Laws of Destruction has reached late Overgod, so your understanding of the laws will differ greatly compared to before. I’ll show you how I use the Laws of Destructions as well as the trick to using laws,&rdquo

Chapter 2117: Nowhere to Return “Or perhaps it’s you, Shui Yunlan, who wants the wealth of a Grand Prime? But that doesn’t make sense either. What kind of organisation is your Ice Goddess Hall? Even if you lack resources, all you need to do is show that you need it, and countless

After returning Ramiyuros to the cottage, my line no longer got any reactions. 「Nothing’s biting.」 「It’s because I pulled up something big before. We have to be patient.」 I had remodeled my line and lure so it was different from the previous times I had gone fishing. It was obvious th

I tossed my lure back into the water then…a few hours later.   I was lying on a golem bed while holding my fishing rod. 「Th-that’s quite a novel way of fishing.」 「Well it’s pretty comfy. Lying down and fishing is the perfect way to do it. Look, Hesty’s trying it.」 「n

Dianeia and the rest returned to the kitchen and saw Sakura wearing an apron making breakfast.   「Ah, welcome back Master. Welcome back you guys. Breakfast will be ready soon so please relax.」 She had almost finished making everything and several dishes were lined up on the table with food s

AST 2246 – Defeating The Buddha Battle God “Are you up for the challenge? It’s in the Battle God’s blood and tradition after all,” The bald man spoke up. There was no lack of Battle Gods around them, but no one had accepted the challenge; it would affect the reputatio

AST 2247 – Stormy Xuan Snake, Another Victory Against the Beast King Battle God Stormy Xuan Snake! The Stormy Xuan Snake’s attacks were feeble, but it was resilient and able to flee quickly. It was able to detect the energy of the wing in the air. It was in its name that it could manip

Chapter 4 Maomao Their dinner was over. Although they didn't have a lot of words in the dinner time, this dinner still could be said to have a warm atmosphere. Mo also enjoyed it some. Jiang Hao seemed to be interested still, so Mo had to drink a few more. She thought it was possible to stay w

Chapter5 Dancing party While she was thinking about how to face Jiang Hao, he came out of the office by coincidence. "Pack things up immediately; there is a meeting at nine!" "Oh, okay." Mo stood still and took a breath, and she repeated the words&

Chapter6  Ointment As soon as the door opened, Cheng Xiaoya called. "Shen Mo, how dare you pick up the phone so damn late?" Mo looked at the mobile phone and found three missed calls. She thought that these calls were all from Cheng Xiaoya. "Xiaoya, when did you c

He was the prestigious Yan Wang, commanding the Grand Council, but whenever he was jolted awake from the nightmare that Xiu Niang had branded into his bone marrow, the one whom he could trust in and yearn for, in the end, was only one Gu Yun.     A person's weight was too heavy when

This was perhaps the most unforgettable pain in his life. As Gu Yun got here, he did not to go on talking. However, it might be that those words have been piling up in his mind for many years, and for a moment, he could not hold back.     "The Northern Frontier is very poor, just after t

Translated by newbienoona Edited by anks T/N : Da nainai – great grandma. Meng Xiaonan took Liu Dongyu’s ridicule to heart. She glances at him, and then at the fearless An Chuxia, and she feels guilty. As an only child, like An Chuxia, Meng Xiaonan often got in trouble, and An Chux

Translated by newbienoona Edited by anks When Han Qilu walks into the room, everyone but An Chuxia is surprised. Meng Xiaonan blinks her eyes to ensure she’s not hallucinating. When she realizes he’s not an apparition, she looks back at An Chuxia. She leans over and whispers in her e

“Song San, cut me a catty of meat and pour me three jiao [1] of wine,” he says. This person’s face is as white as jade and hair as black as ink, with bright and gorgeous red robes sprinkled with gold, a more than obvious brave aura, a leisurely charming pair of phoenix eyes, and a

Jinzi pelting me with furious admonishments leaves me stunned for a moment. He’s not an emotional person, always in a self-imposed gloom –  what’s with this outburst? I get an absurd feeling: if Zhang Qinglian knew his gigolo and former boytoy dared to talk to him like this a

Arge Chapter 172: Family’s Introduction     『Fu~fu~fu~… It looks like you have an interesting trip.』(Iris) 『Well, yes. I didn’t get bored.』(Arge) 『Well, that’s good. It’s important not to be bored, for longevity?』(Iris)   The Golden Hair Vampire w

Chapter 194: A Way that Suited Me (6) TL: emptycube / ED: Isleidir     “Seo Jijoon and Im Joo…” The director groaned. His words were cut off by a sigh. He rubbed his temples as he mumbled, ‘Oh, what a headache.’ The way he looked at me changed. It was as

Chapter 195: Stop at Nothing, By Any Means (1) TL: emptycube / ED: Isleidir     I felt like cold water had been poured on my head. Did CEO Baek Hansung know that I received an investment proposal in China? “… Team leader, how did you know?” I for one wasn’t

132. The Demon King “KUHUK!” “I asked if you are human.” “KUHUH!” “Such an obvious weakness. Due to this single organ, you are in this much pain and on the brink of death.” “KUHACK!” Jong Ho’s eyes and face was turning red like

133. Out of Focus Thinking that they could not absorb the magical energy of humans despite killing them, the demon king and Ladin left Jong Ho’s corpse alone and left. If Jong Ho wasn’t wearing the resurrection ring, the magical energy that he had been collecting would have been transf

Chapter 95 – Suspicious (5) And so, Li Mo sympathetically spent all of the money that he had on him to save her. However, the burly man left after taking his money and didn’t hand over a life contract. At the time, he hadn’t clearly told her that he was going to bring her back to

Chapter 94 – Suspicious (4) As soon as Li Man returned to her hut and closed her door, she went to her bed and blankly sat down. She didn’t notice the wetness of the bed or the water dripping from the roof. Her mind kept churning out memories of interactions she had with Li Yan, Li Shu

Chapter 185 – The Chosen Ones (10) ‘Du du dudu, du du dudu’ He could hear the sound of subway in the distance. Soon he was able to see a 17 m^2 apartment with worn out wallpaper pasted over moldy walls. Anyone who saw such a place would not have a positive reaction, but for Sungji