Chapter 166 The Frightening Changes under the Blood Moon (13) In the barroom, Jiang Liu was still facing toward Du Yuan. Du Yuan was closing his eyes as he lied on the floor. “How could you be here?” After a while, Du Yian suddenly spoke : “The others should be keeping watch on

Chapter 165 The Frightening Changes under the Blood Moon (12) “Hu——“ The Night Raider’s Eagles streaked through the empty sky. Jiang Qi leaned on the tree looking at them. The Night Raider had been surrounding this place for a while now. He still remembered the time

Bar — Part 2 Editors: Sebas Tian, Speedphoenix, Joker The results of my analysis were as follows. *** General Information Name: Nell Race: Mid Devil (Human) Class: Skilled Swordsman (Hero) Level: 59 HP: 2996/2996 MP: 7670/7670 Strength: 684 Vitality: 757 Agility: 902 Magic: 89

Bar — Part 3 Editors: Sebas Tian, Speedphoenix “Oh yeah,” Nell reached into her bag and started rummaging around. “I almost forgot, but I actually have something for you, Yuki.” The item she ended up handing me was a letter. “The hell’s this?&rd

Chapter 618: Favor! Edited by RED “No, I am not done breaking through yet. Brother Ruo Xie, I need to meditate in seclusion. Don’t let anyone get close to me during these next two weeks,” Lin Feng replied, shaking his head weakly. He struggled to stand up, and then disappeared.

Chapter 619: The Continent of the Gods Stirs with Excitement! Edited by RED Xue Ran had sacrificed himself to help Lin Feng break through. When the members of Tiantai heard that, they all felt sad. Lin Feng felt guilty. He owed that short and strange old man so much. Lin Feng had the impression h

Chapter 620: Agreement with Ancestor Kong! Edited by RED    “Little Lin Feng, are you going to leave tomorrow?” Ruo Xie and Lin Feng were standing shoulder to shoulder. They didn’t feel like parting. Lin Feng was soon going to leave because the Continent of the Go

Chapter 7   The next morning, Harit have do his morning run and decided to go near the hut. At the same moment Soraya wake up and see one squirrel, the squirel was the one she knew and it's was the one of Harin, Soraya loved it but Harin had to put it back home because Sansanee didn't

Chapter 8   Harit took Soraya at one green field where he tell her "You will clean it and after you will plant vegetables" Soraya looked at him "What ?" and he answer "Are your deaf ? You will do one work hard and you will not look down at some poor people" I ne

Chapter 170: Futile Efforts After stuffing her storage ring with enough ingredients to concoct enough Earth Advancement Pills for the next few days, Zhu Mengyi proceeded to clean herself before returning to Su Yang's living quarters.   Once she entered the Cauldron Room, Zhu Mengyi did n

Chapter 171: Prolonging His Stay It's been 12 hours since Zhu Mengyi started her second day of trying to achieve a flawless-quality pill, and she'd just finished her third Earth Advancement Pill for the day.   "Barely a high-quality pill, huh…" Zhu Mengyi looked at t

Chapter 172: Pill of Seduction On her way back to Su Yang's living quarters, Zhu Mengyi pondered to herself what she should do for the next few days.   Her mastery with the Controlling Heaven and Earth is already at the level where she will grow even without Su Yang's help as long as

Tang Yi Ru felt uneasy inside. As long as she couldn’t figure out what has happened on that night, she won’t be able to sit still. Fortunately, her household has quickly sent a message which said everything was settled. This made her feel a little assured. By the time when his Highness

Pin xiuyi was lying on the bed, looking at Yuancheng Emperor and Zhong Zheng Chun with a pale face. Her lips trembled and tears could not stop falling from her eyes. “Chenqie1 failed to live up to your Majesty’s expectations. Chenqie won’t be able to attend to your Majesty an

Transaction The Seventh Weapons Factory.   Nias was currently on duty as she weightlessly floated through space in her uniform.   It looked like she was flying, but she suddenly stopped after moving to a certain place.   In front of her was a fortress-class space battleship ove

Preparations The guide was ecstatic.   “Peter, you’re the best!”   That said, the Peetak house created by his parents were far more useful than the individual himself.   Even though the guide himself didn’t do anything, it didn’t matter w

Book 5, Chapter 12 - Further Explorations Hellflower began formulating a plan to plant these mushrooms throughout Greenland City for the next phase of her experiments. Cloudhawk left her to her business. He returned to the fort, eager to continue exploring different dimensions. Thankfully, a scrys

Book 5, Chapter 13 - The Fallen Temple  “Are you sure it’s a temple?” “I’ve been to the one in Skycloud. It looks different from the outside but the material they used to build it is the same. I’m sure it’s an ancient Temple.” Skycloud’s

“Hey! Peter, I heard about Uncle Ben. Is he all right? The next day, when Lin Rui saw Peter at school, he asked him with concern. “Ohh, Uncle Ben is okay. He’s scared and there are some skin injuries. Thank you for asking, Jackson.” Peter, who was thinking about it, laughed

Inside the secret base, Lin Rui, Matt, and the new guy Jack are sitting on the couch, creating a triangle with their position. Mirage Knight, is this the helper you got? A secret killer of Frankenstein Family? Your judgment in choosing our teammates has once again made me skeptical. Sitting in his

On a tall building, Hundreds of meters above the ground, strong winds are blowing Lin Rui’s clothes as he stands there. On the other side of Lin Rui, Peter was standing in front of him with a small book in his hand. “Uh, this…” Being stunned by Peter’s actions, Lin Ru

Two days later, in a secret base on the Hudson River. Lin Rui is sitting on his sofa. As for Matt, he is frowning at Spiderman, who is hopping around the base. “Wow! How did you find such a secret base which is concealed, safe and spacious! ” According to the address and telephone numbe

translator: xiin editors: alamersyl & bear Before the start of the match, the contestants selected their own flight equipment from the provided list.  Generally speaking, flight equipment could be divided into three categories: mechanical, biological, and mounted. Aerial Combat was a ver

translator: xiin editors: bear & Pyromancer “Oh yeaaaah! Lord Four!”  “War God!” The audience kept screaming, creating wave after wave of endless cheers. Everyone was in an extreme frenzy. The commentator couldn’t help but shout loudly, “Next! Who&rsq

AST 2375 - My Father is the Forsaken Heaven Region's Dominator "Why is there a need for you to emphasize that? Are you suspecting that your Alchemist has deceived you?" Qing Shui smiled and provoked. "Quite casual of you to keep smiling in this situation. Not bad. Don't be c

AST 2374 - Peach Blossom City's Despicable City Lord, God Killing Pill  Dragon-capturing Hands! Qing Shui performed the Dragon-capturing Hands and attempted to grab one of the huge demonic beasts. A huge dragon that seemed as if it was material pounced toward the giant on the opposite si

CHAPTER 14: MY PREFERENCE, HONEY As soon as I returned from the kitchen, I heard a knock from the door.  As expected of the handsome polar bear. His ability to sense presence is out of this world.  "Yes, please come in" This morning I got surprised when he did that but after

CHAPTER 13  MEAL: FRENCH TOAST First thing's first, I should properly wash my hands and then the newly bought cooking utensils with the newly bought sponge. I know I just bought it and that there's probably no need to wash it but, just in case...besides doing it like this feels much be

Great elder was flinched upon seeing this scene, she even tried to go in and failed, but Yi Tianyun just leisurely walked in without any difficulties. “What? What’s going on? This is so strange!” Great Elder wonders with shock all over her face. “Elder Yu, don’t you k

When Yi Tianyun got off the carriage, he saw a few figures who just came. They’re all influential individual, but they’re from Second Level Faction, Third Level Faction or above won’t participate because this is not beneficial for them. They don’t see this as something extra

Tang Dynasty Female Forensic Doctor Chapter 61: Absolute Assassination Miss Xing had serendipitously made all the preparations already, so after Ran Yan took a hurried bath, she immediately started getting ready (combing her hair, make up and dressing). As usual, Miss Xing put all her full effor

Tang Dynasty Female Forensic Doctor Chapter 60: Penicillin On returning to the estate, Ran Yan found Miss Xing sitting knelt under the courtyard veranda cutting cloth, occasionally sighing with a discontented expression. Seeing Ran Yan, Miss Xing quickly went forward to take her veil. Her heart

Chapter 62 – Qixi (Valentine) in Pingjiang Ran Yan faintly sighted when she saw how meticulous Ran Yun Sheng was in his care: that younger sister that you wholeheartedly dote on has already been long dead, ~ah!” Since Ran Yan was enjoying this loving care on behalf of another, her hear

Tang Dynasty Female Forensic Doctor Chapter 59: Makeup on the Dead Fan Chun’s nails, palms and feet did not have any traces of soil or sand, nor did her clothes have any suspicious residues. Just as Feng Sanxun said, she had not been drowned in a typical pond. Ran Yan recalled a particular

Tan Hong sat up straight, and became attentive and serious. Chen Fei’ers eyes were wide open, and there was a touch of surprise in her eyes. Zhen Zhen gently nodded her head, the corners of her lips was filled with a knowing smile, and had a trace of joy in discovering a treasure. Lin Zhiji

“In Spring” has become very popular. In the first week of July, it has ranked 17th in China Music Charts, jumping from the 26th place from the previous week. Although this week’s ranking has not been released, it is believed that there will be a big promotion to its rank

The giant man with unshaven face carries a big table to a vacant space and sets up his own chair. He then grabs the frightened female receptionist by the neck and orders her to bring liquor. The big bald man leaves everything to the giant man while he himself just flumps onto the prepared seat. It s

“My, oh my, what should we do now?” “There aren’t any other inns available, so it can’t be helped.” “I-is there really no other choice?” “Nnnmto, Priscilla doesn’t mind, either way.” “Nyaa~” We are discussing our situatio

Dragons’ Cry Genesis (Part 19) Mommy Elizabeth sat with one leg over the other. She coldly looked at Vyvyan, who was opposite her, and frowned. She complained, “I can’t get along with this woman! I thought you wanted Mommy to help you, Son. That’s totally fine. Mommy can hel

Dragons’ Cry Genesis (Part 20) Everything had basically been decided on, and I had placated my family. Of course, Nier took more effort to settle. Next, I was setting out with Dragon Mom. Everything was prepared, so the next step was to begin our search for the dragons. I didn’t have t