Chapter 872: Shocking Loud cheers instantly sounded on the defense wall of St. Petersburg. To the ordinary soldiers of Zenit, even though Emperor Yassin’s majestic and prestigious presence was admirable, the King of Chambord’s bold dominance fit their taste more and made him feel more

Chapter 871: Two Geniuses People looked toward the source of the voice, and they saw that mysterious person who was standing behind Paris and wearing a black cloak walking out. After he suddenly took off the cloak, everyone saw his handsome face. “Mr. Martial Saint?” the nobles who wer

Qin Yang obediently took the coffee away, He Jin saw him returning to the car, and it took him another ten minutes to drive away.   In just a few days, too many things have happened to He Jin. For the first time in twenty-three years, he got into the biggest fight ever with his mother and lef

The delivery guy read from the order, “this is a lunch set ordered by Mr. Qin. I’ve called you several times but no one picked up. Can you please show me your bracelet for confirmation?”   He Jin, “…”   After the delivery guy left, He Jin took the d

It was difficult not to be shocked by this young man’s appearance. His current expression and the cold, frightening killing intent he was emanating right now, meant that he was destined to be an emotionless killer. It seemed like they could already see the whole Heavenly Star continent shudder

“Heh, it’s up to you. Hopefully you’ll be able to learn something from all of this. We were all born for our Master, and our training is the tool we use to serve him. That is what you lack. Thinking back to it, my grandfather’s generation was quite far-sighted. They warned us

After the Flowerless Monk arrived, everyone else started showing up too. Before long there were thirty or forty people present. Unsurprisingly, most of them observed others with a cold attitude other than those who already knew each other beforehand. Many eyes lingered on Yan Tianwei and his crew. A

The appearance of these individuals from the Northern Emperor sect meant that the Tianchen Magic Force meeting was about to officially start. A very subtle transformation occurred in the atmosphere. Although Yan Ximing was the young master of the Northern Emperor sect, very few knew of him. Among th

The seven figures attacked Yan Zheng at the same time. Six of them vanished immediately, leaving only the one attacking from the front. His right fist sunk hard into Yan Zheng’s chest…and oddly enough, Yan Zheng’s body only leaned back slightly, while Wu Sansi’s fist looked

Chapter 262: Chapter 262 Side Story 19 The last side story: Twelve years later (1) Within the ranks of the Central Region Precinct’s Violent Crimes Unit, there was this one detective nicknamed the ‘Phantom’. The newbie detective joining the squad this year after passing the pro

Chapter 262: Chapter 262 Side Story 19 The last side story: Twelve years later (1) Within the ranks of the Central Region Precinct’s Violent Crimes Unit, there was this one detective nicknamed the ‘Phantom’. The newbie detective joining the squad this year after passing the pro

Sang Hyuk, who received the quest, went straight to the beach. He was able to catch the 9th grade Sky Whale on its own, but for the sake of sharing the experience, it was much better for three people to do it than alone. Especially if they catch the Sky Whale, then Gye Baek and Dark Knight did not

The Sky Whale’s movement speed, evasion ability, defenses are reduced again by 10. (Cumulative reduction 20) This time again it is perfect. Gye Baek’s shooting skills are not mediocre, no, surely they’re extraordinary. Two harpoons stuck into the Sky Whale’s body and Sky Wha

Translator: Sheng Chen Editor: Arya Chapter 16: The Capital City Capital. Zhongnan Lake. The administrative department of the State Council. In the reception room 016. It had been two hours since the bloody countdown appeared in the suburbs of Shanghai and the black and white mages showed up

Translator: Sheng Chen Editor: Arya   Chapter 17: The Best Horror Movie in China in 2018 Time passed by. Hu Feng suddenly discovered that no matter whether on network platforms or on real news media, there was absolutely no report on the spooky phenomena that more than a thousand had witne

Chapter 24 – Sacrifice Cards (2) “It still doesn’t feel like it’s enough, but this is the fruits of my labor… Extracting back and forth in the battlefield for the last three days.” Kyle sighed, and though reluctantly, moved to the next step. Sacrifice Extractio

Chapter 22: Promotion to Corporal (2) “I naturally believe in my abilities, but moving up the ladders with no rank to a corporal, it’s quite unexpected, colonel.” Kyle shrugged and calmed down. “Of course, that’s a given. Becoming a corporal in three days time with no

Chapter 23 – Sacrifice Cards Colonel Marcos glanced over Kyle and Sergeant Fury. “Since you both know each other, I won’t say anything else. Tonight, as leaders, you’ll take charge of hundreds of armed soldiers to the fifth encampment.” Kyle and Sergeant Fury nodded.

Shen Li entered the camp in a bad mood, but once she saw the familiar faces of her brothers her anger ebbed away. One by one everyone came to greet her. Shang Bei hurriedly jogged over when he saw her. “Your Highness left without saying anything! It was very troublesome for General Mo!”

Shen Li was called to the Demon Emperor’s palace early the next morning. Upon entering the meeting hall she saw the emperor seated in his usual spot. Mo Fang stood to his side while many other soldiers were lined up in the hall. The Demon Emperor dismissed the soldiers with a wave of his han

The next day, Maki and Chiharu went out into the city, were shocked at the attention they got, and quickly returned to the inn. Even during the afternoon, there were enough people there to create lines.   “Haha. Our economic impact.” “We’re really helping their busine

Maki and Chiharu were tasting freedom again. Or more accurately,   “Oh, there are human boys.”   The stares seemed to say. But they were used to it, and so they did not care. They didn’t know if the position was still open, and so they needed to hurry. Chiharu talked

The next morning, they put their scales, money and valuable items in their pouches and attached them tightly around their waists before putting their shirts on. The wigs went on after that, and once they picked up their old, worn-out bags, their disguises were complete.   “Edmond, Kreis

For lunch, they did not use fire, but instead, ate premade food in the main square of the village they stopped by. The party arrived in Lapondo in the evening and set up camp around the mayor’s mansion.   Maki and Chiharu had work to do now. As Maki was a little taller, she was made to

S.P.P Chapter 120: Be My Man! When he was striding forward, Jason didn’t care about the deck that was breaking under his feet. His purpose was to destroy it, and he didn’t care about the lives on that ship. While he crossed the broken deck and rushed forward fiercely, the pirates shoo

S.P.P Chapter 121: Water Stains The arrogant tone, the indifferent eyes, and the words that were full of self-confident made Jason a bit surprised. “What’s wrong with you?” Jason asked, and he was confused. The first thing that this captain said was, “Be my man!”, i

Chapter 373: The Beauty Takes Action (1) Dragon’s Claw, who wasn’t aware of the impending danger, was still going off on his rant that was becoming increasingly abusive. Shen Jingbin walked up to Wei Wei and extracted Qi Mu from his embrace. She then gave Qi Mu a gentle pat on the shou

Chapter 374: The Beauty Takes Action (2) Jiang Weiwei’s apartment was in an upmarket district, and was only a few minutes drive away from the hotel. It was just your standard three room apartment unit, of which, one room was used as a study. However, due to her not using it much, she’d

H.P.S.T Chapter 378: The Shocking Truth The conversation continued in the empty corridor. “I don’t blame him, but Barty Crouch’s practices and concepts in other things are definitely beyond your imagination!” Sirius lowered his voice and said gravely, “Evan, I don&rsq

H.P.S.T Chapter 379: Mad-Eye Moody Evan told the shocking truth, but it was obvious that Sirius and Mr. Weasley did not believe it. “Barty helped his son escape from Azkaban?!” Mr. Weasley said in surprise, “How can this be possible? He wouln’t do such a thing!” He l

Translator- SkyFuji                  Editor- Daoist Dao Tao This girl is very pretty. It is a pity that one of her eyes is blind and is covered with a black eye-patch. On the eye-patch, there is a pattern of a falc

“Cough…why are you still not asleep…” Seeing Murong Ying, Li Fan becomes slightly awkward. Really is disappointing just a woman why are you afraid of her. As a man even if you do not return home at night, there is no need to explain to her! He had thought that Murong

“Is this office…reliable…” Qin Chuan looks at the two-story building that Xu Lei rented for him as his heart is more or less a bit weak. Since the last time he defeated Chen Hu from Azure Dragon Group, Qin Chuan and Luo Li had been discussing about jointly establishing a

Da Mao takes a look at this skeleton-like guy and immediately steps forward and smiled merrily as he says, “Our company had just been established so it doesn’t have any fame. Hope that this customer is able to take care of our business.” Qin Chuan glanced at this guy and feels tha

Chapter 289 Strongest Sage, Heads to Site   Ancient monsters are incomparably stronger than present ones. Similar monsters probably exist in the deepest parts of dungeons even now, but those types won't go above ground. Human civilizations will collapse in a few months time if we leave t

Chapter 290 Strongest Sage, Faces off the Swarm   "...This should be fast enough." I lowered the lever for acceleration once the magic freight car had gained enough speed. "Aah, it's not going as fast as the one we rode here... This is so much nicer..." Alma looked

Translator: Pink Tea          Editor: Ryunakama Suddenly a violent wind blew and the horses that were pulling carriages neighed in surprise. A thin tornado rising up straight into the sky and stirring up sand into the air was raging while producing intense winds and noise

Translator: Pink Tea      Editor: Ryunakama 【Imperial Country of Fleida】 A week since the black object attacked the Eastern Fortress, the rumors about it became well-known among the masses. Imperial Country of Fleida, a powerful force that even Blau Empire, which was expanding its

Translator: Drey          Editor: Ryunakama A country that rules the west side of the southern part of the continent, the Imperial Country of Fleida. Nearly half of the country, which faces the sea, are rich in marine resources and they have a gentle and cheerful personal

Su Yan Bin closes the roof of his car before slowly driving towards the city center.  His heart is in a tangle right now. Boss Si wants him to take care of her, but can he really handle this lady’s demands? Should he bring her to his house?  That does not seem very proper. Maybe h