Even though Transcendent Mortals were far stronger than Fighters and possessed a significantly greater degree of control over nature, they were still incapable of flight. It was at least seventy to eight meters from the ground to the mechanism on the ceiling, and the surrounding walls were tough and

Hearing that the Ballas clansmen arrived, Zhang Tie followed Gitta out to have a look at those freak b*stards. Before arriving at the gate of the castle, Zhang Tie had already heard a hoarse voice drifting from outside. "B*stard, do you know who I am? These are my guards. Why do you allow them t

"Do you have some business with me?" Xu Yuehua noticed that the person who was waiting for her was Lu Si, the gang leader of the Ocean Gang. Such a minor gang wasn’t worthy of Xu Yuehua's consideration though. Lu Si knew his own status and knew that he amounted to nothing in her eyes. Seeing Xu Yu

As the white glow faded, the Sanguine Skeletal Spirit’s body was covered in a white mist. Suddenly, the wind blew and it revealed part of its head. Lin Huang saw its head had lost the flesh that it had built earlier; what remained was its white skull. However, shrouded by the mist, he could see that

On the early morning of the following day, Yuan Zhou was stopped when he was jogging as usual. "Boss Yuan, can you do me a favor?" Huang Ling stopped Yuan Zhou straightforwardly with her shadow in the first ray of the morning sun. "What’s the matter?" While jogging in the same place, Yuan Zhou did

Despite the fact that Death Arbiter was suffering at the hands of Zhang Yang, his outstanding battle performance stood out while he was battling One Sword Stroke. Many players praised and recognized him as one of the best players in the entire game. It could be said that he would be famous, a new ri

"How much did you charge your second client?""500 dollars a month...""Wow! So, you can earn 2,500 dollars only from your firm! That will be 30,000 a year. Congratulations!"Qin Guan turned around to look at her smiling face. Her sneer made him calm down. He gently picked up her hand. "I want to hold

At a quiet table inside the banquet hall. "What did you say? That little maid is Tingxiao’s girlfriend?" "Yes, but...I don’t understand why she's dressed that way!" Guan Ziyao could not help feeling that that woman was hiding something. Guan Rui replied in a tone of contempt, "Lu Chongshan and Ya

"Du Zheng!" Lu Li and Ming Yu looked at each other and their minds were weighted down with anxiety. Ye Cha didn’t have much reaction as he was not clear about the outside world. The second most powerful man on the Northern Desert Warlord List, more powerful than the Old Man of Heaven Prison—Du Z

Over one hundred barbarian leaders sat cross-legged in the main hall. Their bodies were blinking with bright gleams of various colors, as each of them was fully covered with numerous restrictive talismans. Their cultivation base was completely sealed off, making sure that they could not circulate ev

Jiang Chen provided the fallout shelter with ten crystal energy rods.This type of energy rod followed a similar design to the 100mm nuclear fusion core, except that the contents are not 1 gram of tritium used for nuclear fusion reactions, but rather 1000 crystal shards. This was also the enhanced ve

Ji Hao quickly wrote something on a triangle-shaped jade talisman, then flicked his fingers and sent the jade talisman flying away, followed by a hundreds of meters long bolt of lightning and a series of popping noise. Ji Hao sent out over a hundred jade talismans like this, to give early wa

The next day at dawn, on the Thunderous Sound Mountain at the corner of the Dark Desolate Domain…It was the most intimidating mountain in the southeast part of the Dark Desolate Domain. Shrouded by demonic plants, the world inside the mountain was gloomy and drab even if the purple sun was shining b

Chapter 455: A Clone! “Shaaa…..shaaaa…..” A shadowy figure moved about in the haphazard forest, the trees and foliage hiding his figure from being seen. It wasn’t long before the figure could hide no more–as there was no more tree or foliage to hide behind i

Mud and grass leaves were blown into the air along with the mangled, bloodied pieces of flesh of the corpses. Nico’s vision was blocked by the pieces of rocks that were blown. Everything splattered everywhere like raindrops. After a few moments’ time as it fell to the ground, everything returned

Chapter 49: Third Sister-In-Law, Third Brother Just Confessed To You. Why Aren’t You Treating Him Better? The crowd gradually quieted down. The people were all wearing different expressions. However, all of them were looking towards the two people beside the piano. An Yize looked at Su Jia

Just as Zhuang Nai Nai is about to walk away, she sees the direction he is pointing at. She immediately lights up again. Her moods change pretty fast. She copies the haughty way Huang Xiao Ai tips her chin before saying, “Mr. Si wants you to leave, didn’t you hear him?” Huang Xia

Chapter 411: Guess your lordship’s thoughts Long Tianmo and Mu Qingwu rose to their feet as Han Yunxi entered. It had been ages since Long Tianmo had seen this woman, so he naturally missed her. A glance told him that she had…gotten a little fatter. Going to the disaster regions was a

In a corner of the Perpetual Night Forest, a group of warriors was building a stone house. It looked plain, without any formations or barrier to strengthen it. This house was used only for shelter.Half a month ago, they were struggling in despair as they wanted to leave this place and go to the Secr

Ambush, Pursuit and Assault   Reidy lay flat in the grass, his whole body covered in mud and partially submerged as he paid attention to the barks and footsteps approaching from the distance. I should have been on the run for a month or so by now, right? I can't even remember the date a

GOR Chapter 535 NO! AND! NEVER! The degree of enticement within the rewards offered by the system was such that any Player would feel tempted. Even among the strong, such as those within the [S] class, those rewards were incredibly enticing. Any [S] class expert who can successfully kill off the

GOR Chapter 534 Once Again? The golden light spread out like a tidal wave. Like a cleansing wave, it swept away every Electronic Guardians within an area of a hundred metres. Amid the radiance of the golden light, all of the mechanical octopuses were shattered into fragments. The continuous explos

Ji Li wasn’t too bothered by it as she casually said, "Please ask.""The first question was if you knew what this stone, which I obtained, was? And also its uses. The second question would be why was there a need for the Gods War? And also about the battlefield of the Gods War too," Mo Wuji threw Ji

Lu Sheng’s five senses far surpassed that of the average man. He easily heard the guard’s words—that young lady turned out to be Bai Zhenming’s biological daughter. He cast a few glances in the direction of the lady involuntarily. Lu Sheng instantly detected an entirely different aura emanating off

Lu Chao Xian incited the islands when he was still a child. After becoming an adult, he was like the Crown Prince of his Clan and was collectively appointed as one of the strongest Heaven’s Favorite! Within this Alliance of Ling Xian’s Annihilation, he was, without a doubt, the most powerful.

Despite One Sword Stroke’s demeaning words. His true intention to not use his Transformation skill was because it was his trump card. In fact, Transformation skill is every player’s trump card. Only a few players would release information regarding about their Inheritance. The smart ones would not,

Chapter 834: Little Treasure Has Gone Missing Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation Nevertheless, she knew that Guan Ziyao was being nice, so Yan Ruyi patted her hands and thanked her, "Thank you, Ziyao, Little Treasure is doing well no

When Lin Huang was still a silver-level rank-3, the Worldly Purification that he performed in the Hunter Arena was comparable to the ability of a holy fire-level’s. That was the reason why he had managed to defeat The Final Fortress’s ultimate defense. Now that he was a gold-level rank-2, not only d

Chapter 699: Fortune from Misfortune Just as La Pu had said, the Limit Sublimation Art was an extraordinary secret technique. When his physical body and the soul were frozen, and only the power of the bloodline could be mobilized with his emotions, it was impossible to cast any spirit art. In suc

Chapter 701: Scheming “It would be best if you temporarily stopped trying to release the Demon Sealing Tombstone. Otherwise, in my present state, it will quickly seal me after it’s released from the ice.” The Ice Phoenix uncurled and slowly stood up. She was still naked. Her you

-Chapter 15, Descent of the God of Magic- Night, Glaston city, old city district, third military department headquarters. The patience of the dark elf assassins had expired. At the bend after the staircase quietly awaited the concealed dark elf assassin captain. Half an hour ago, the final attack

  Chapter 1392 – Drastic Change … … … As Lin Ming heard Empyrean Divine Dream say she would refine the Nine Star Heaven Pill for him, he was ecstatic. Under the current Laws of the universe, the Nine Star Heaven Pill by itself was likely insufficient for Lin Min

Chapter 1393 – The Great Calamity Arrives … … … The cultivation of this youth in front of him wasn’t high, but as the Bright Luster World King looked at him, he could feel a sense of dread and fear in his heart, a sense of creeping unease about what could happen.

Chapter 1004 – Frozen End Heaven Sealing, Yellow Springs Ashes Yun Che retreated to Mu Xuanyin’s side, silently looking forward. His line of sight, however, didn’t fall upon Mu Hanyi; rather, it was fixed upon the opposing Huo Poyun. Between the trio of Yan Zhuo, Yan Mingxuan, an

Chapter 326 – Unprecedented Unity 「How should we respond to Mad Blade?」Guo Huai asked. Not responding to the post meant Asskickers United was taking this humiliation lying down. No matter what, they couldn’t back down! 「It’s fine. I’ll do it myself.」Nie Yan opened up the fo

Many of the students had read Introduction to Cosmology before and had a basic understanding about the distribution of parallel worlds. They nodded in agreement.But some of them didn't know much about the universe. Although they were aware of the existence of parallel worlds, they didn't understand

Qin Wentian descended onto the ground, his entire body was circulating with a terrifying light. With a thunderous boom, he stomped on the ground and instantly, lines of runic inscriptions appeared, transforming into the outline of a diagram. A powerful burst of astral energy gushed forth from it as

MILE CHAPTER 168: SPECIAL MOVES 3 (T.N: This chapter is mostly Mile’s POV)   (『Vacuum slash』, 『Magic blade slash』, 『Supreme Magic blade』Aaaa, I can’t come up with a good name…) (Mile)   Mile was suffering while watching over Maevis’s training. This would

Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 354. The first legal wife war Translator: Pun Editor: Blaze   Inside the Japanese style waiting room, the back and front of the room are separated by a sliding door. Misuzu’s at the entrance side. 「I’m here, Misuzu」 I said, Misuzu… 「

Chapter 248: Cosplay Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio The car slowed down and pulled over at a quiet old street in the south side of the city. Zhang Zian and his two cats jumped out of the car. Before China claimed independence, the south side of Binhai City