To Frame and Blame Someone Else [17] “First come first serve, you want to steal it from me?” Under the radiance of the precious treasures in the room, that evildoer’s personality and aggressiveness compared with his usual gentle and scholarly manner are completely different ah!

To Frame and Blame Someone Else [18] “You dare to deceive me!” Huang Bei Yue became furious. Feng Lian Yi had already lightly evaded her dagger, smiling as he said: “I’m just gifting you a present for our meeting.” As he had said that, he already used lightning speed

Fang Zhengzhi said confidently and with a slight challenge in his voice. Chi Guyan was solemn when she saw Fang Zhengzhi's expression. Ca

*Swoosh* *Swoosh* *Swoosh* Three black figures leapt down from a building in the distance;

If Lu Shu could be intimidated by Liu Jianguo, would he still be Lu Shu? He understood that Liu Jianguo's generation of people had been through all kinds of ordeals in order to survive and

"Even the strongest one in the world should behave with discipline..." Ning Que had his eyes wide open and, rubbing his hands, he asked excitedly, "Eldest Brother, who is stronger, you or the Sage of Sword, Liu Bai?"

After Xuandu, Guang Chengzi, and Medicine Buddha teamed up to stop the attack, Black Tortoise looked serious. He was clear about the power of Primordial Flag of the Five Regions, especially his Xuanyuan Water Control Flag, which had an amazing

"Teng Qingshan, that little rascal from the Gui Yuan Sect back then? He…" Numerous trains of thoughts ran through the Blind Swordmaster's mind. Then his mind went blank. It was like he had been attacked by a multitude of lightning

With the ghostwriting by the talented, great gifted scholar Han, Zhao Youyue's speech under the national flag was a great success. Although Han Leng's academics weren't particularl

"Zhou Bao, the loyal and devoted general of Qing Province and highly skilled in feats, took credit for killing the enemy to protect grain. Now, I appoint you as the Wuyang County Governor. You will enjoy 3,000 hectolitres of food per year

Sophie beckoned him over and Crispy Noodles ran to her. On the way a tomato fell out of his pocket. He went back, grabbed the tomato and ran back again. The raccoon stopped in front of Sophie,

Chapter 484 – Bally   Dong! Dong! Dong! Clank! Clank! Clank! Ji! Ji! Ji! The sounds of chattering woke Huan Qing Yan from her dreams. Slowly her sleepy eyes opened, and as she sat she noticed that Ji Mo Ya was not around, “Uncle?” She climbed down the bed and went towar

Chapter 485 – Is Your Habit Of Seeking Death Developed Since Young?   Huan Qing Yan reacted by jumping out of the window as well and gave chase. “Bally, don’t run.” It was completely dark outside, although there were no living trees, there were still many rocks, ston

Chapter 486 – Small Underwear   Huan Qing Yan lifted her head in surprised and said, “Uncle, Bally came back but ran away again.” Ji Mo Ya calmly replied, “Ok, I will catch it for you the next time.” He carried her from the bathroom to the bedroom and placed he

Chapter 487 – Long Live His Majesty!   When the elderly gnome observed Ji Mo Ya’s poise and etiquette, he immediately knew that Ji Mo Ya was not an ordinary human. Although Ji Mo Ya was carrying a female human with one arm, the act did not hinder or affect his graceful demeanor.

Chapter 483 – Like An Octopus   Ji Mo Ya’s mouth twitched, and against his will he replied, “That’s right.” “Okay Uncle, please continue…” Huan Qing Yan said cheerfully. “These gnomes have arms and legs like humans, but they have green

Chapter 480 – Uncle Is A Bad Man   When Ji Mo Ya heard her words, he repressed his emotions with a dull grunt, this bothersome lass! “Wu wu wu, I want to go home, uncle bully me, wu wu wu…” When Huan Qing Yan saw that Ji Mo Ya’s forehead was covered in sweat a

Chapter 481 – Really Cute!   The nine gnome priests all stopped their chanting, and each vomited a mouth of blood that was sprayed onto their respective stone pillars. When the blood touched the stone pillars, they seemingly seeped into the pillars and then strangely disappeared withou

Chapter 482 – Uncle Come Sit On The Bed   “Uncle, Bally is missing, are we looking for Bally?” “Bally might have gone back home.” Huan Qing Yan looked at the darkening sky, “Uncle, since Bally has gone home, why not we go home as well? The sky is already

Chapter 478 – Challenging His Willpower!   Nan Gong Bei Cheng cursed, “Then compete for f*ck! I am only a Nine-Star Spirit Master while Ji Mo Ya is a Mystic Spirit Master, what’s there to compete?” He first thing that came to his mind was the scene where he engages in

Chapter 479 – So Itchy…   A layer of desire appeared uncontrollably within his gaze, “Little Yan, come down first and I will give you something to eat.” He had stored many different types of food within his storage ring, all prepared for her. Huan Qing Yan displayed

Ch 95 -- Beef Bowl and Beef stew "Fer, why aren't you back yet?" "Fer-ojichan, why aren't you here?" Sui added plaintively. Sui and I were waiting for Fer to come back from hunting but there was no sign of him at all. I didn't think he'd forgotten about us

Ch 94 -- My Heart's Desire, Taking A Bath Fer swiftly brought me out of the city and into a deserted part of the forest. He erected a Barrier around a large area to ensure my safety and then headed off to hunt. Me, I was in a hurry to have a bath. First off I cast "Stone Wall" repea

Chapter 551, Heaven Desire Demon Sect Spiritual Master Long Jiao was shocked, and although in disbelief, he was well aware that his Palace Master had torch-like vision, and had rarely misjudged someone before. Since the Palace Master had said that he might not be a match for Hu Bugui, then that is

Chapter 552, Martial arts overlord Above the floating peaks, the black clouds were as though blown away by a breeze, slowly dispersing and thinning in mid-air. The figures of the Heaven Desire Demon Sect were more and more visible. The men stood with hands clasped behind their back, tall and with

Chapter 553, The evil of Heaven Wasteland Behind the Greater One Sect spiritual master, on both the left and right sides stood the other headmasters of the other peaks of Greater One Sect, similarly giving off a heavenly beauty and an imposing manner, which seemed like an illusion from afar. They w

Chapter 550, All great powers appear  The fact that this guy had uttered such remarks in front of the Greater One Sect disciples that were driving the airship made the several Greater One Sect disciples’ faces darkened with rage, but no one dared speak up.  Traveling on the same ai

546 - Departure Imprint     “Please, can I have for young master Tian Huang to extend your helping hand, to save the Hundred Spirits Sect from a calamity." As she uttered the last words, there was a pleading colour in her eyes, the expression of senior sister Shen Menghua tragi

547 - Increase in strength     "Che Che Che, don't push me..."     "Don't crowd me..."     "Old Cross-Eyed, you're standing on my foot."     There were furtive noises that were coming from outside the door. Then th

Chapter 548, Preparation   That day, when the Thunder and Lightning mist protection, which had been strengthened with three drops of Lightning Serum, was eventually broken by Chen Shaohua, Ye Qingyu endured the [White Lotus Sword Attack] with his physical body alone and had suffered only some

Chapter 549, Storm Platform Although it was called the [Blood Drinker Sword], but as to what grade of weapon that he had refined this sword to, even Ye Qingyu himself was not sure.  A taboo of refining weapon was disorder, and also impulse. Ye Qingyu received the casting and refining method f

545 - Shen Menghua     From the description of the silly dog, this Immortal Prison had too tight a security. Unless one had talent in this area, it was completely impossible for one to enter. With Ye Qingyu's current strength, he had absolutely no way of rescuing Yu Xiaoxing out of th

Yao Yao! You must wait for me! I’m coming!  At this moment, Leng Jun Yu’s subordinate exclaimed nearby. “Prince Rui, we have found the secret passageway that will lead us up Sheng Nu Mountain!” “Alright, let’s go!” —– The snow on the gro

“What?! Sheng Nu Mountain? The e-evil cult?!” stammered Le Yao Yao. Sources say the three famous landmarks of the Heaven Yuan dynasty were Sheng Nu Mountain, Hundred Flower Valley, and the West Lake. Sheng Nu Mountain was located at the mountain’s highest peak. As far as anyone k

  “No! I won’t allow it! You’re my wife! You’re mine! Not only does your body belongs to me, your heart belongs to me! You can’t marry anyone else!” This time, Si Mu Han’s kiss was no longer romantic. Instead, it was like a fiery storm. Damn it! He b

Could they be twins?  “Leader, the food is ready.” It was Qing Feng’s voice.  “Alright, we’re coming!”  The closed door opened and Qing Feng directed a row of maidservants to enter.  “Xin’er, you must be hungry. Let’s eat!

The secret passageway  The name Mu Xin Ge combined Si Mu Han and Xin’er name together. It was where they lived together. There were many rooms in Mu Xin Ge. Although Si Mu Han was upset because Le Yao Yao insisted on sleeping alone, he couldn’t refuse her request. So after gazing

“What?! Wait until after I give birth?!” Le Yao Yao’s mouth twitched. “My body is fine right now! Can’t we head down in a few days?” However, Si Mu Han shook his head. “No, you’ve just woken up. Your body is still very weak. If we head down in the nex

(Warning: Graphic and disturbing content ahead) At this moment, Nian Sulan slowly lifted her confused pupils. When she realized Le Yao Yao was the person sitting in front of her, she couldn’t believe it. “It’s you? Why are you still alive?” she shouted. “Uh…wh

Lin Fan was stunned. Perhaps the elderly really know best. He was the ultimate pretender. When everyone didn't know what to do, Wu Tian He suddenly said that he might be able to help. Furt