Outside Planet Bahert’s galaxy, Cooler’s army was about to arrive. As they gradually approached Planet Bahert, a huge amount of energy was detected by the spaceship. Suddenly, with the rumbling sound of an explosion, the energy detector above the spaceship was destroyed, and a pungent s

“What’s going on? Slug has obviously already been killed, but why is there still such a powerful Ki!” Myers shouted in disbelief as everyone’s faces abruptly changed. Under this aura, they felt like they had been plunged into an icy hole, feeling cold from head to foot. Raig

Chapter 2311: Black Dragon Edited by RED   Lin Feng was wearing a world robe, his hair was fluttering in the wind, and he sounded ice-cold. The crowd was startled; he was really strong and had easily defeated Huo Shang. Their battle had been even more impressive than Huo Shang and Aolie&rsqu

Chapter 2312: Daimon Draws Attention Edited by RED   In the Northwest Area, there was a mountain range with a powerful Qi. From the top of the mountain, one could only see clouds and lofty buildings. It was the World Clan, a location great for Qi. In the past, powerful groups had fought over

Chapter 2313: Phoenix Blood Talisman Edited by RED   Lin Feng waited for an hour and the same person said to him, “Daimon, Your Excellency, you’ve been waiting for a while and they didn’t come, they probably don’t want to see you. You should leave.” Lin Feng sm

Chapter 2314: Paying a Visit to the Fire Shrine Edited by RED   Qing Feng and Jing went back. They realized that many strong cultivators had gathered in a main hall, including important people from many clans. That palace was the most imposing and magnificent, used for extraordinary ceremon

Chapter 2315: Godly Fire Shield Edited by RED   The news that the World Clan wanted to pay a visit to the Fire Shrine spread quickly. Many people paid attention to it. The Fire Shrine had been humiliated, and were going through difficult times. Now the World Clan had suddenly reappeared in t

Chapter 2310: You Failed to Appreciate my Kindness! Edited by RED   Lin Feng slowly walked to Qing Feng and Jing. He smiled and said, “You have an incredible Qi, what’s your name?” Jing looked at Lin Feng coldly. She didn’t like strangers, especially foreigners. &ld

Trade Richard’s frown grew more intense. “21 of the family’s 59 territories have shown a decline in taxes… these fellows don’t have any patience at all. Do you think Kunder is just making these bandits up, or is it a raiding party from the Schumpeters?” “

Trouble When priestess Noelene sensed the portal from Faelor emitting waves of energy, she rushed over to see Richard panting badly on the floor with a chest that was much larger than him tossed nearby. Not far away, Gangdor was slumped on the ground, his burly body covered in shiny sweat. Three ma

Chapter 40: Lunch Together 「I said something cold the other day. I told you, go home……that……I also reflected on it, but Carol……are you angry? 」 Oh, so that was it. But those words of rebuke were because I said something extreme. Wilhelm-sama’s anger

Chapter 41: After Lunch After that, Wilhelm-sama no longer talked about Robert. No matter how many times I asked, he would say 「As Elizabeth has not spoken about it, so must I refrain from talking」. Just what kind of significance does Robert hold for my household? I thought he was simply a boorish

“Do you want to know why?” His lips slightly curled upwards, and without his army uniform suppressing his honorable and rhetoric temperament, Ye Jian could feel what it meant to be extraordinarily exalted. The outline of the side of his face was exceedingly perfect. His smile and the co

After the math exam had concluded, a few girls walked out of the classroom crying. As Ye Jian looked at them, she lightly sighed in her mind. The whole nation would only pick twelve participants; therefore, she must qualify! After the two morning exams had concluded, the names and the marks of the

Pampered Poisonous Royal Wife Chapter 16 Su Qing boiled half a cabbage and a noodle pancake. It was not particularly delicious, but Mu Yunyao ate heartily. Her mood was extremely good. Even if Su Qing gave her sandstone, she would still eat everything. “Mother, drink some warm water fir

Pampered Poisonous Royal Wife Chapter 14 Not long later, two guards appeared beside Yue Wang. “Master, this servant here was late. We await your punishment.” Yue Wang lowered his head, his hand still holding on to the red string. Two bells were connected to it, causing an interest

Pampered Poisonous Royal Wife Chapter 15 “You……what are you going to do?” Li Shi’s voice was sharp yet hoarse. “Calm down, I’m not yet done with Zhang Caizhu, so you are still safe.” Li Shi swallowed and stared hard at Su Qing. “You unl

Chapter 89: Mind Game Jun Huang surveyed her surroundings. There wasn’t anyone around. “I’ll meet up with you tomorrow. You should go. Don’t let anyone see you.” She put on her hood and left. Rou’er returned to Prince Chen Manor shortly thereafter. It was fortun

Chapter 90: Cleaning House Jun Huang paused. The maid must have mistaken her for an official. She didn’t correct her. Being seen as an official would help her more than being seen as a servant. She cupped her hands in greeting. “I came with a concubine of the crown prince. On our way, I

「 Err, if I recall, you promised to have sex with Agnes-chan and me, right, Onii-chan? 」 Mana says. 「 No way, you too, Mana? 」 I’m doing to do it with Edie and Michi right now, and Mana and Agnes want to join in too? 「 I’m okay even if I don’t do it now 」 Mana laughs. 「 But,

Err, this has become quite the event. We move back to the junior suite bedroom. I get on the bed. Edie and Michi are in front of me. Then, people surround us. Kyouko-san, Miss Cordelia, Minaho-neesan, Katsuko-nee. Nei, Misuzu, Megu, Ruriko, Mana, Agnes. They’re all here. 「 Huh, where&r

“What are you-? You’re lost even though you’re a grown adult. So lame”   I curled up into the corner of the room unable to refute it.   “Are you crying miss? It’s okay. I’m sure mommy and daddy will come soon”   It’s like an

Mamiya-senpai brought us to a shop that had a wide variety of ice cream. Some of them looked appetizing but some looked grotesque, I wonder what I should eat. The name of the ice cream was unusual, I don’t know what flavor it is. I’ve been worried when I asked a number of questions

"Roar!" The Flying Head opened its giant mouth and bit down fiercely at the back of Xiaojin's smooth long neck. "Nice!"

In the headquarters of the Jiangning Safety Zone, several military commissioners had already been gathered in the conference hall. Those military commissioners would only appear in one place like this when important things happened.

After looking at it from various angles, Li Du felt that the person who would have an especially strong hatred toward him was the vicious auctioneer. With a cold look on his face, he walked ou

Hua Lantang was already an expert at the rank of a five-ringed Soul King. When his strength and agility were both enhanced sixty percent, he was a formidable foe. This was the power of Douluo

"Apprentice brother, wait!" The four stopped Jiang Chen when they saw him start to leave. "Apprentice brother." One of the girls walked up to him and said gently, "We've consumed much of our energy and need to

Bi Yuyan was creeped out by Yan Xiaosu's gaze. "What's your problem?" Tyrant Su immediately shook his head. "It is just an example of men's passion. You wouldn't un

"In the safety deposit box vault, there were a total of seventeen safety deposit boxes that was opened." Peng Xin pointed at the information written on the whiteboard and said, "The bank worked really hard, and there were ten owner

When MoYunye left, Qianhua could still remember his look. She felt it like warm breeze on her cheek; it was a complicated look mixed with deep cares, agonizing expects and bitter regrets.   Qianhua knew for sure that he wasn’t really looking at her. She would be a fool to overlook the i

"I came for you! I have something to talk to you." Qianhua got straight up and stood right in front of smiling MoYunye with a serious look.   "Couldn't grow flowers?" MoYunye glimpsed at her for a second and pointed out her trouble for her. Qianhua had to nod hard, &q

Book 2, Chapter 40 - Strange Little Bird Cloudhawk looked into exactly what Hell Valley was about. Put simply, it was a secret training location. Reputedly, it was a dangerous place where every year the best families and organizations sent their brightest young members. Some were family heirs with

Book 2, Chapter 39 - Currying Favor The governor’s mansion. The gardens. Lord Arcturus stood across from the young man. He was born to a desolate place, lowly and uneducated, and looked at everything like a dullard. However, facing the man who could kill him – in fact, who had tried to

"There's still hope for me?" I asked. "Have you forgotten that I'm a scientist, Junior?" Jiao Tu replied. Dongfang to

Chapter 70: Passion in the Winter After paying respect to the kitchen god on the 24th day of the twelfth lunar month, Su Shuilian and Lin Si Yao began to prepare for their first New Year together in Fan Hua Town. The year’s first heavy snowfall had also begun. In just a span of two hour

Chapter 69: The Small Holiday Oh and before you start, I have to explain the title. So ‘小年’ literally translates to small day, but its less confusing to call it a small holiday instead. It’s the day a week before the ‘big holiday’, aka Chinese New Years (CNY). I h

Baffled, no one could fathom the indestructible and all-powerful wild boar was killed by Chen Xiaobei. "Oh my god! Am I dreaming? Did that wild boar just collapse and die?"

Everyone had gathered around in the living room. Shaqira was lying on the sofa, and her body length meant that the entire sofa was completely taken up. Rollie was very unhappy when she saw this. She meowed for a good while to signal that the s

The Lanke Temple was far away in the southeast. No one wanted an intense schedule. So although the time for the Yue Laan Hungry Ghost Festival was in the fall, most of the tourists and diplomatic missions in the Tang planned to set off ahead o