「Delicious, one more cup.」 Kierbit and the other angels are enjoying their dinner. Alcohol is also served during dinner of the guests. And it will become a banquet once alcohol is served. Because the residents will also participate in the banquet….. It will also become lively. The harpi

On the west side of the capital city of Orphen, large and small rocks are scattering round in a wasteland, while a great number of complicated geometric patterns drifted in the sky. Immediately after, an intense lightning bolt strikes the ground, hitting the black demonic spiders of the vicinity. &

This must be a dream, Belgriff thought while looking at the darkness from above. His body did not respond, and he could not move from where he was. Despite the darkness, his vision had not been affected. At first glance, the interior of that place seemed to be that of a dungeon. After a w

Chapter 879: Journey Four years after Han Li entered seclusion, Silvermoon was in her human form respectfully waiting outside the sealed seclusion room. On the day before, she received a voice transmission from Han Li while she was nurturing the spirit medicines with the green liquid, and she was n

Chapter 880: The Grey Heron Tribe An caravan of about thirty men were travelling down wilderness with grassland as far as the eye could see. There were eight carriages among them accompanied by young leather-clothed horsemen with a few of them only reaching the ages of twelve, but they all were in

The Broodmother’s Growth Once they left the room, Richard brought Nyra along to see Io. Gathering the two in a quiet spot, he turned to them and asked, “So you aren’t a part of the clergy proper, are you?” The heavenly guardians exchanged glances and Io shrugged, “I t

A Little Bit Of Blood Richard felt his heartbeat speed up. He still remembered the sheer amount of resources it took for the analysis to reach this stage, but it was a milestone in the broodmother’s progress. He looked over the additional abilities he could add to his drones and quickly foun

Chapter One Hundred and Forty-Seven: The Genius’ Shortcomings “Getting married? Congrats!” Xiao Yu repeatedly congratulated him and continued, “You don’t look that old yet. You’re probably not yet twenty-five, right?” “Twenty-two, ” Nan Wei lau

Chapter One-Hundred and Forty-Six: The World Really Is Small When the appointed time rolled around, Xiao Yu anxiously waited for the doorbell ring. Xiao Yu had repeatedly checked his phone so many times in the last minute but still didn’t receive any notifications. As always, the impatient X

The First Layer Part 3 Translated by AYA Translation [] The other three were surprised when Yuuna return to where they were waiting. “Yuuna-chan fighting style surely nasty one. Well, you’re dhampir after all.” “Yuuna-san, are you former assassin or someth

Clesxiv 51Tli Fovwx Leciv Pevx 4 Translated by AYA Translation [] “Apowe-gler erh Slapcr-gler leyir’x hijiex erc xuziv’w qurwxiv cix lal…. Slapcr-gler ow liepiv wu ox’w jori, fax I zerx xu wii Apowe-gler viep wxvirkxl.” Monu zewr’x xepnork

The commotion immediately attracted the attention of the people in black further away from the scene. Concentrated lines of soul beams suddenly shot toward them. "Look out, soul cannons!&#

When Sabre-tooth Tiger King saw that the elder was so flustered, he immediately consoled her. "They will not be using it for free. They will give us some benefit."

When they saw the prettiest girl in school standing right in front of them, the two students who were ready to eat their meal looked as though they had hit the jackpot. They did not process wh

Boom boom boom! The earth shook, and the entire forest trembled in response. All-encompassing waves of death-gas swept forward, as if they were about to swallow up the sky and the earth.

After returning to the car, Zhao Yu took out a tissue to wipe the blood from his nose. Miao Ying taunted Zhao Yu, "I told you to practice regularly. You would not listen to me. Look at wha

The Snow Wolf clansmen discussed whether or not they should trust her or leave as Sima You Yue and the gang followed that six ranked divine beast further and further out. After walKing for hal

Qi Heng was born with a silver spoon in his mouth to a high-ranking noble family. His handsome face, easy-going and gentle temperament resembled that of Brother Bao(1) yet he was more prudent and aspirant than Brother Bao, passionate to learn voluntarily without the need of his father’s pressi

  If You Do Not Like Yuan Bao, I’ll Change it into Yuan Xiao Next Time Having been away from home for a month, Changbai came back with sallow face and flaccid legs. After seeing his grandmother and parents, he straightly went into his room and fell into a deep sleep. And this time Sheng

  No Sanctuary Will Last Forever, so Face the World Alone Minglan knew clearly that the benefits of living in the Hall of Peaceful Ages lied in not only the improvement of food, clothes and living conditions but also a soothing pace of life. She didn’t need to be bossed around by others

Chapter 5: Exploding Houses Because Su Chen hadn’t fallen asleep yet, he was the first one to charge out of his room. But when he arrived in front of Night Demon’s room, someone was already standing there. Shi Mingfeng. He reached out and smashed the front door into smithereens. Kon

Chapter 6: Sleeping Together Su Chen casually waved his sleeves and the puddle on the ground disappeared. He then smiled slightly before saying to Night Demon, “Alright, if there’s nothing else then you can go to sleep.” “Oh.” Night Demon lay obediently on the bed. S

The news of Golden Palace's invasion was like a mountain fire that burned the entire world and shocked the Central Plains. Li Yu responded very fast. She forcibly suppressed the ministers

"How… How could it be you?" Damien's eyes were practically bulging from their sockets. The attention of more than three hundred Blood Descendants were all fixed on Chen Xiaobei.

Chu Li did not follow in. He picked up his book once again and sat by the stone table, quietly reading beneath the plum tree. The smell of herbs lingered around the house as Siao Shi leaned ag

Sitting cross-legged on a moth-eaten couch, Lin Sanjiu studied the deck of cards in her hand. Calling the building they were staying in as a hotel made it sound decent, but in fact, it was mer

Chapter 3199 - The Meaning Of Humiliation That place no longer resembled the inside of an ancient pagoda. Upon entering, Chu Feng simply felt as if he had entered a completely different world. When Chu Feng raised his head toward the sky, what he saw was a blue sky filled with white clouds. When

Chapter 3200 - A Possibility What Puyang Han and Puyang Qi wanted to do the most after arriving in the pagoda was to find Chu Feng and take care of him so as to appease the anger in their hearts. However, they searched for Chu Feng on the second floor for a very long time to no avail. They did not

Chapter 2078 – Retaking the Divine Realm … … … In these past years, Lin Ming felt a great pressure on his shoulders and he had experienced far too many tribulations. After arriving at an absolutely safe place like Tragic Death Valley, he immediately relaxed. This was

Chapter 2076 – Empyrean Title … … … “Brother Lin, for these past years, my two big sisters have had many concerns that you weren’t aware of.” Xiao Moxian playfully pinched Lin Ming. Then, she leaned in close to his ear, whispering something to him bef

Chapter 2077 - Depart … … … After the ascension ceremony ended, Lin Ming flew into the void of space by himself. He left behind the Legion of Famine to protect his family and friends. As for the great armies of humanity, they were preparing to retake the Divine Realm. In s

Story 71 Seth is sleeping, so we leave off going to Seth’s house until tomorrow and visit houses in the village that are lit by magic stone lights. The first one we visited seems to be the village’s sole inn, so we rented a large room. When they asked what we were up to, I responded wit

Story 72 All I paid attention to was that the Hero was running a plantation, but the important part was what he was growing there, it seems. [“Is it really that bad?”] Velsa’s voice came from the communication bag. “Aa, in my previous world, it was said to have been the grea

Volume 08 Chapter 21 Translator: Silver Editor: Namorax 「Ariane Glenys Raratoia」 The seven bell towers of the holy city gradually came into focus as the allied forces neared the sacred city’s walls. Additionally, as they drew closer to the city walls, the death impurities of the coun

Volume 08 Chapter 22 Translator: Silver Editor: Namorax 「Chiome and Goemon」 Pride swelled within Fangas’ heart as he watched his granddaughter, all the while bringing his spirit magic warhammer to bear against the undead surrounding him. “Hump, I can’t lose to my grandchi

Volume 08 Chapter 23 Translator: Silver Editor: Namorax 『Arc Raratoia』 The battle between the undead army and the allied forces began at a high tempo, following the Dragon Kings’ area of effect attacks. When the Dragon Kings bombarded the hundreds of thousands of undead, it was like

Volume 08 Chapter 24 Translator: Silver Editor: Namorax 「Player Vs. Player」 It was undoubtedly the same person I met in Delfuento. I stopped my approach when there was still a bit of distance, yet he remained silent. As I felt his gaze bearing down on me from behind his veil, I was the fi

Xiao Bojian’s body tensed before immediately relaxing. He gave a seductive groan and turned towards the well-developed, mature woman, pressing her down into the bed. It was another flight of pleasure. Two hours later, Xiao Bojian was already fully clothed and standing by the well in the cour

Senior Servant Liu found her explanation to be rather reasonable, so she didn’t linger on that topic. She looked at Muxiang and said, “What’s up with you these days? Why have you become so absent-minded? If you’re like this, how can I trust you to take care of the matriarch

*Boom!* Along with the loud explosion, the Tomahawk Missile exploded on the deck of the carrier. The power of the explosion was like a Tomahawk – breaking the carrier in half.